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antivirus and spyware for Intel Celeron processor and Comodo


I have a Dell computer with an Intel Celeron processor with 128MB of RAM and 996hz processor. I downloaded a Comodo firewall. Now I need antivirus(preferably free) and spyware(preferably free). I checked the system requirements for Comodo Antivirus, Avast and AVG and they all require an Intel Pentium processor(or equivalent). Can I still get one of these products with an Intel Celeron processor? Or what anti-virus can I get with an Intel processor? I can't afford to get a new processor right now. ALso, do you know of any registry cleaner that I can download for free that will scan and clean my computer. One more thing, do you recommend more than one anti-spyware program for a computer?

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Hi staceymatthews,



It is recommended to use only 1 spyware and 1anti-vurs on your system. 2 or more will decrease system performance and random locks-up. I recommend you McAfee antivirus, it is an Intel® division. Now, McAfee offers a trial version but it will be necessary to buy a license later if you want to continue using it. Antivirus Software, Internet Security, Spyware and Malware Removal | McAfee



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Mike C