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dxgi error driver internal error on HD Graphics 4600


I recently had a BSOD and in trying to fix it, updated all drivers including graphics.  This was the first time in a long time that I've done this, and since the update, I can no longer launch the Football Manager 2020 game.  The error message is dxgi error driver internal error.  Please see screenshot:


I have checked that the drivers are up to date, which they are.  Full graphics report is attached.  I have also removed the 4600, and tried to replace it with the 4 previous versions of the driver that I could find on the Intel site, but that didn't make any difference.

I tried the option of "roll back driver" via Device Manager.  This removed the Intel driver and replaced with a generic Windows one.  Now, I could launch the game, but the screen display was too choppy and sluggish to make it playable.

I also have a second graphics driver, Nvidia, GeForce GTX 860M.  Similarly, I have tried both updating this and removing this, but it makes no difference.

I'm running Win 8.1, 64 bit with i7-4710MQ and 16gb of Ram

No other applications seem to be affected, just this one game.  Grateful for any help or suggestions.



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This is a laptop? If it is, you should be using only the driver packages provided by your laptop vendor. There is a chance that these drivers have been modified by this vendor and installing the generic drivers from the Intel site are wiping out these modifications and this may cause issues such as you have seen.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.  It is a laptop, you're right.  I didn't manually install the Intel drivers, it happened after using Driver Booster, a 3rd-party software.  The laptop is 6 years old now, and although this was the first time in a long while that I'd updated all the drivers, it won't have been the first time in the laptop's lifespan.  

There are two graphics cards installed, one Intel and one Nvidia

Intel 2.JPG

When I either uninstall or disable the Intel card, I can launch the Football Manager game, but the graphics performance is so slow that it's unplayable.

When I disable the Nvidia card, I can launch the game and it runs smoothly.

So my question really is, do I need the two cards?  Can I just leave the Nvidia one disabled for good now?  Will this affect any other aspect of the laptop's performance?


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Never use those third-party sites. They are often homes for trojans, viruses and other malware, adware and SPAM. For the most part, they haven't any clue what should or shouldn't be done.
In this case, we are talking about a laptop. In many cases, the laptop manufacturer modifies the drivers to support the two GFX engines working together are possibly to support special features (brightness control, etc.). As a result, it is important to stick with drivers provided by the manufacturer. When you install the generic drivers from Intel, problems will develop.
What you should do is uninstall the drivers for both graphics engines and then reboot. Check again and repeat until down to MS drivers. Then, install the Intel driver provided by the manufacturer followed by the NVIDIA driver provided by the manufacturer.
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