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how can the yellow tint over my display be fixed ?


My device asus vivoboo x512fa has intel display driver issue. the issue is a yellow tint over the display more like a filter. I have updated the latest driver from the intel website the problem did not resolve. I even made sure that the night mode of windows 10. i would like a new driver update fo r intel uhd 620 graphics. i bought a new laptop and facing such big issue please help

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And, it is not possible that it is a hardware issue?


Asus is solely responsible for support and warranty of your laptop. Return it to Asus for repair or replacement.




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This is not an issue of the Display Driver as it has seen observed on both integrated graphics and discrete graphics (Nvidia & Radeon). The color is also different, some users report orange, red, etc. It has been confirmed that the issue could be related to Microsoft, color calibration or propietary apps installed by the manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, etc.


This is a similar issue on a Lenovo system, caused by an app from Lenovo (Lenovo Vantage app), not a driver issue.


In this other link,

they recommend, and I quote "update your computer's graphics drivers by visiting the manufacturer's support site or the driver pages of graphics manufacturers IntelNvidia or AMD (depending on your computer's GPU)." As you can see, they mention also Nvidia or AMD, so the issue is not a driver issue since it is not exclusive on Intel systems. And let me add, if you follow their advice of updating the driver, since you have a laptop, you should update using the Asus driver, not the generic from Intel website.


Here you find Asus drivers for your laptop:


Another link from Intel with some suggestions, but surely not a driver issue:


If problem persists, report and work with Microsoft and Asus.


Open Control Panel. Select the 'Color Management' menu. In the 'Device' section, choose the yellow-tinted monitor from the menu (it should be selected by default). Tick the 'Use my settings for this device' option.