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Arc770 sudden Performance drop after switching monitors. (solved)


Solved: It was a software issue, i did a light reinstall of windows ,and its all working now! 




I recently bought a gigabyte g24f 2, to replace a samsung lc24rg50fqnxza. both are 1080p, 144hz capable.


I also paired it with a old benq rl2450, which is at 60 hz.

Once i finished installing , and set the proper refresh rates on all monitors, I tried to boot up a couple of games (valorant, black desert),


on valorant, i had 300-400fps, but now its dropped to an unplayable stutter at 0-140fps.

black desert is sitting at 20 fps with dips to 0


does anyone know what might be going on internally? I ruled out the monitors, because i rehooked up my samsung, and realized it was still bad.


I have a hypothesis that my benq monitor is causing the system to be dragged down(which doesnt make sense, but we dont know alot about how arc reacts to many things, so that was my guess) but even with it taken out, the 1080p gigabyte was still lagging.

any thoughts?

ive uninstalled and reinstalled intel. I ran DDU before, but ive also never had any other card on this new system.


Ive tried hdr on/off, Ive also tried different refresh rates, 144/165. Ive also tried turning freesync off. none of these worked.

any help appreciated!



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Hello Inshiaye

We are glad to know you found a solution, thank you for taking the time to share this fix, and hopefully, it may help other community members experiencing similar behavior. Since the thread is now solved, we will proceed to close it. Please keep in mind that this thread will no longer be monitored by Intel. Thank you for your continued support of the Intel® Arc™ GPUs.

Best Regards,

Hugo O.

Intel Customer Support Technician.

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