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AMT Heuristics

I amtesting some sample coding related to Intel AMT Commander. When I go to the Heuristics folder under the Networking folder,after setting the Heuristic conditions as shown in the intel demo video & generate the traffic using "Intel Network Traffic Tool" I couldn't see the greenindicator turning to yellow.

I wrote some sample coding and found that the Heuristic state value in the "Heuristic state" group box isn't changing.

Can anyone help me to overcome this confilict.

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Hi Dulshan,
Thanks for your post. It would help us to answer if you could provide a little more information. Can you tell us what version of AMT you are using and what system you are using as the client. Heuristics are not appliciable on notebooks, so that might be the issue. Heuristics weren't availableuntil AMT v3.0.

It is necessary to configure Heuristics as well. You may have already read this, but this page has some good information and links to other pages that may be helpful:

A final question is why you want to use Heuristics?

There are also some blogs about the issues:

If that doesn't supply you with the answer, you may want to search the Blogs for more information. I understand that several people have blogged about Heuristics.

Hope this helps,
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Hi judy

Thanks for the kind reply.

Our desktops AMT version is 3.0.1 and our client is a small business client.I already have the heuristics optionand why i need to use heuristics is because i am doing my final year development project on intel AMT technologies which will monitor uneccessory network traffics andblock it or make some other action.

The problem is when we make a network traffic by force the heuristic triggers dont occur. Managability commander's networking heuristic toolsalso doesnt trigger when a traffic is genarated by force.

Waiting for yourreply.

Thanks for the Links provided. They were useful but coudnot find the a solution for the stated problem. Please help me
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