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AMT Remote Client problem setting S3 mode


During our testing, we have encountered an odd behavior when dealing with the AMT Remote Client. Using the Client Console, a remote terminal can be set into S3 mode, and then waken remotely. However, after this first cycle, the unit can no longer be placed in S3 or powered off remotely. When either command is generated, the unit will turn off briefly, and then turn back on. If a command to "Cycle Off/On Power" is sent, the unit will reboot. After the reboot, the unit can be placed in S3 one time, and will then continue behaving as described above. Is there an explanation for this behavior? (It appears that something is being set when the unit first goes into S3, but is not reset when the system recovers.)

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In order to get a common frame of reference I need to ask the following;

1. Do you have access to a UPSD system in order to try to reproduce this issue?

2. If so, please make sure that you have the lastest F/W & BIOS.

3. We are at somewhat of a disadvantage in that your H/W appears to be unfamiliar to us and we want to get on common ground in order to solve your issue. I will referenceother S3 issues to try to root cause this issue.

Awaiting your reply.

Steve Williams

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