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AMT question


my company develop database of hotel information system .as for database include many functional module ,we havemade use of internet&QQ to long-distance repair ,Pls tell me the difference between AMT & internet.

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Hi Melaudia,

You can find lots of information about Intel AMT on the Intel web site, you could probably start here. The internet is of course a communication network, Intel AMT is a feature in Intel vPro computers that allows an administrator to manage a computer remotly no matter what it's state is, as long as it's connected to the network and has power. This is very useful in hotels and other situations where it is much better to monitor and repair computers remotly.

If your working for a big compagny and deploying a database that will be in many hotels, I would encorage you to get a vPro system and try Intel AMT for yourself. We have sample tools and tutorial videos you an watch that will show you what is possible.

Hope this helps,
Ylian - Check out my Intel AMT blog

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