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Accessing AMT storage locally

Hi --

I'm working with AMT on a laptop (HP Elitebook 8540w) withME version there is v6.0.40.1215 and ME BIOS extension v6.0.3.0019.

Local access to AMT through the web interface is disabled and the AMT Managebility Outpost Tool doesn't connect (Manageability Commander connects properly to the laptopfrom another machine).

Is there another way for programs running locally to access the local AMT storage or is it available only remotely?

Thanks for any pointers on this.
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Hi Jim,
I thought I would take the information sent to you and list the comments and answers generated last week so this information would be available to other forum users. I have edited it somewhat.


1st answer:
There is a local interface for storage, but this requires the MEI driver (aka HECI driver)/LMS service.

What OS is your AMT client running?

You cant access the web ui, locally- you have to do it from a remote system.

2nd Answer:

Prior to AMT 6.2 local access was restricted to a few usages.

Storage is one of the usages that provides some local access in systems prior to AMT 6.2 , and in those versions it needs to be remotely setup before it can be used locally.

Storage is probably the most complicated flow to use in AMT.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, I think you have a few choices.

Since your system is already a 6.x generation you may want to upgrade to 6.2 to have the local interface opened up. You can check the HP website to see if the upgrade is available.

Also, in any event you will need to find software that can do what you need. If the DTK doesnt work for you then you may want to consider using the AMT SDK samples or PowerShell scripting.

1st Response:

Ive been using the AMT SDK samples to try to understand storage. I didnt know that the storage interface access is more available locally in the newer versions.

Is there a programming interface for the LMS/HECI drivers (my system reports a Management Engine Interface driver; the HP site for this laptop shows updates only to 6.0.31)?

3rd Answer:

It is unfortunate that HP does not provide the latest update for AMT. We rarely get all OEMs to take an update.

And I was a bit off on the version for expanding local access to AMT features, it is actually 6.1.

You can use the same AMT API locally as you do remotely and dont need to do any special HECI programming. The LMS provides the API. Take a look at this SDK documentation for more about Local Access:

Here is a list of the AMT functionality with indication for local or remote access:


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