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Active redirection session and power off

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There is a limitation in AMT for power off /power cycle reset and details below

   If there is an  active redirection session (SOL, IDE-R or KVM), then an Intel AMT power       cycle reset or a power off command will be rejected as invalid.

When i issue RequestPowerStateChange i'm getting error as 2(Unknown or Unspecified Error)

I would like to know how to check whether any SOL, IDE-R or KVM session is going on from remote system. I tried checking AMT_RedirectionService which has accesslog property but it has list of strings.

If we look into webui remote control option, it will remove power off, power cycle reset if there is any active redirection. Is there any wsman/amt class that can specify whether any active redirection is going or not directly without parsing event logs/access logs?




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I know the local Intel AMT tool show a message box then I start a SOL/IDE-R/KVM session, so there is a way. On Intel AMT 2.0 to 5.0 the local Intel AMT interface did have a flag for this. As I recall, the Open DTK Outpost tool displayed this, but it's been a long time. On these older machines I don't know of any way to see if there is a session remotely except many to try create a session and get the busy flag. Anyway, maybe someone else has more info. Ylian
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