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Add Intel Device to CSC database



Currently playing around with intel AMT.

For now I'm using the Intel SCS console to Provision Intel AMT devices in Admin mode for this I'm creating an USB flash drive from within the intel SCS console.

The profile i'm using:

Network Settings
     FQDN will be the same as the DNS Look Up FQDN
     IP will be taken from DHCP

Active Directory Integration
     Active Directory OU:OU=AMT Provisioned Computers,DC=fluxlab,DC=local
Access Control List (ACL)       
     User 1: S-1-5-21-477876300-3805782020-1689048269-1196
          User Type: Active Directory
          User has remote access to the realms listed below
          Realms: PT Administration
Transport Layer Security (TLS)
     Server authentication used for remote interface
     Server Authentication Certificate Properties:       
          Certificate Authority: LAB-PKI-01.fluxlab.local\fluxlab-LAB-PKI-01-CA
          Certificate Template: AMTClientConfigurationCertificate
          Common Names (CNs) in certificate: DNS Host Name (FQDN), Host Name, SAM Account Name, User Principal Name, UUID

Network Configuration   
     Do not enable synchronization of Intel® AMT with host platform WiFi profiles

System Settings  
     Enabled Management Interfaces: 
     Web UI
     Serial Over LAN
     IDE Redirection
          RFB password not defined

     Power Management Settings: Always On (S0-S5), Timeout if idle: 3 minutes
     The Intel® AMT clock will not be synchronized with the operating system clock
     Intel® AMT set to respond to ping requests
     Fast Call for Help (within the enterprise network) is Enabled

so far so good => this works, the intel amt is in configured and in admin mode

I would like to have the intel amt device also in the SCS/RCS database. Apparently provisioning AMT does not automatically add it to RCS/SCS console.

When using ACUConfig.exe /verbose /output console NotifyRCS RCSserver i get the following message:

Exit with code 107

Details:Notify RCS operation Failed.

Failed to get the FQDN of the Intel(R) AMT device


when i boot into MEBx using CTRL+P I'm able to fill in the hostname, wich solves the above problem.

My question is now how can I enter the hostname automatically (for example from command line) or wat is the best approach to get the AMT provisioned and have it registered in SCS/RCS

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