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Busy week for Manageability Blogs

I just thought I'd point out several new Manageability blogs that were posted recently.

1. System Management for Ubuntu (any Ubuntu people out there?)
2. New Download Available: Intel AMT 5.1.1 SDK (Is anyone having problems "unzipping" this package?
3. Working with Intel AMT: IT Helper (This is the Management Console that our Intern wrote this summer
4. AMT SDK High Level API (HLAPI) Technology Preview Now Available (want to develop AMT features easily without having to have a deep understanding of WSMAN?
5. Working with Intel AMT: HLAPI! (Note - Stephen did get his Storage feature using the SDK down to 85 lines of code (instead of the original 300 - this was based on general confusion and nothaving a great time trying to figure out what he needed to do with the SDKsample code) and to do the exact same thing using the HLAPI, it only took 18 lines of code!)
6. Finding Intel AMT Solutions to buy or to try (If your company has written a Manageability Application that should go onto this list, let us know!)
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