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Cannot connect to SwitchBox


After installing the SwitchBox controller (system tray) and creating the Trusted Root Certificate using AMT Director. I attempt to apply the certificate to the SwitchBox via AMT Commander but the button next to the Settings tab "TLS Certificate" remains disabled.When I click the Connection "Connect" button a red dot breifly appears next to the SwitchBox icon but clears after a couple of seconds and and the "Connect" button caption returns to "Connect". I'm trying to set this up using the "How to configure Switchbox in TLS mode with a Correct Certificate" instructions from the "Intel AMT Switchbox guide" dated Jan 23, 2008. I also attempted to connect without using TLS and using port 16992 but still have not been able to connect. Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi and thanks for the question. Intel AMT Switchbox is not currently public (you are working with one of my prototypes). We will be releasing Switchbox again with the Intel AMT DTK in a few weeks on the public web site.

The latest version of Switchbox should fix the problem you described. Also,the new version of Controller allows you to create a root certificate without having to go to Director anymore, if you don't have the latest version let me know.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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