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Digest Master Password and Admin password calculation



I am seeking guidance on why my calculated password is different than the password I get returned from the RCS API function 'GetCalculatedMasterPassword'.

When I follow through on the examples located here:

I get a different password than when I call GetCalculatedMasterPassword with the same Digest realm challenge value. I am fairly certain my DMP is the same I am using with the RCS (although I am unaware of a way to verify this on demand as the RCS appears to store the DMP encrypted).

I did notice that the documentation has some ambiguity, and I am also operating on an Optiplex 790 as my test machine (appears to be AMT version 7). Is it possible this has changed since then and I need to look at an old SDK?


On page 5 of the Intel SCS SDK guide - the example digest challenge values they provide look fairly different than the ones actually returned by my client. PDF shows 'Digest:Intel:A004A' whereas mine is more like 'Digest:A40040000000000000000000..'. 

Step 3 in the SCS SDK PDF under the '1.3.1 About the Digest Master Password' section and Step 4 in the SDK link above, the text says "concatenates the realm-value to the username of the digest account it wishes to access", which would imply the username and THEN the realm value, whereas the example code in both cases shows the opposite order - realm value first and then username. Despite this, no matter what order I specify I do not get the same password as I get from the Intel SCS API call.

Step 3 in the AMT SDK says 'The management console converts the realm value to upper case and removes all white space', this is also referenced in the SCS SDK under step 2 of the '1.3.1 About the Digest Master Password' section. However the example provided in the SCS SDK PDF actually only converts the part after 'Digest:' to uppercase and converts 'digest' into 'Digest' and 'intel' into 'Intel'. The AMT SDK example does not do any special handling for this requirement - even in the realm gathering snippet.

Has anyone made this work correctly? I am trying to develop a way to use the DMP and the realm challenge value to calculate the configured password in the event the RCS was unavailable or lost, provided the DMP was saved.

Can anyone confirm that this does work with the latest SDK and the latest RCS available?


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