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Does current iAMT RDK support these?


I have some questions about iAMT RDK .Does iAMT RDK support these?

1. IDER FD Heal usecase

The imrsdk.dll in iAMT RDK is not the same one in iAMT SDK . The size of the dlls is different(btw rdk & sdk) and use_SOL_IDER_FD doesn'work in my envirnment.("Invalid fd image ERROR" or it gives up iderfd and does idercd ,but SDK's AMTRedirection.execan do use_SOL_IDER_FD with same fd )

2. TLS mutual Authentication

I think it is not implemented yet.So . When will you and How can I(as an open-source)?

3.Agent Presence client program

The jar file included in RDK doesnt have WatchDogLocalInterface but the class list of rdk-bb.jar on the document says it's there. And I cannot compile agent program.


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Since your are referring to dll's, I will assumeyou are using the RDK on windows...

1) IDER using fd image is supported. If your physical floppy drive isn't cooperating, I would suggest using image of the floppy. See the RDK user manual on some pointers on how to create a disk image of a bootable floppy.

2) Currently, the RDK only supports the 'Small Business Model' of AMT... TLS mutual authentication is not currently supported by the RDK, we are working on adding this support in the next release of the RDK.

3) Assuming you are working on Windows, there are known issues in building the RDK source packages on windows. The RDK source packages will build fine on Linux, however, on windows, there are some updates needed to the makefile to accomidate the build procedure for windows outlined in the user manual. Please confirm you are working on windows and we will post the updated makefile for your use.


Intel RDK team

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Thank you

Yes, my OS is Windows.


I am going to try with the fd image. but Nothing on the documentmentioned about the fd image creation on WINDOWS.(there is one for linux)

2) TLS

OK. I understand . By the way , when will be the next RDK release?

3) Agent presence

OK. I am working with cygwin on windows and the make fails to build. I will wait for your updates.

I looked into the Makefile and it seems to me that javac of target "buildblocks" doesn't compile all of the source files for rdk-bb.jar and rdk-gc.jar.(it's OKfor rdk-util.jar)I don't know why.Maybe javac on cygwin has something.But I compiled with eclipse's aid and now I got the complete class files in jars. I am gonna try AP.agent presence.


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Hi RDK Team,

Some issues with RDK.

1) Storage API

a) The API given in RDK for setting Partner & Non-Partner storage does't seem to work. This functionality is not provided in the rdk utility application, so we can't see the source from there.

b) Block Allocation does't seem to have mechanism for specifying whether its for partner or non-partner ?, this functionality is also not provided in RDK Utility App.

When u r planning to release next version of RDK API ?

I posted the following issue in another thread, but did't have any response yet, I think RDK team can better handle it.

2) IDE-R
I have been trying RDK Utility Application for IDE-R, but its not working, when I click the Establish Session Button in the IDER section, a command prompt windows pops up and show this error messege.

D:SohaibAMTSDKsRDK Utility Application package dkwhole_image>c_execRedire

ctionWrapper.exe admin Admin$44 -clienttype TCP -floppy a: -cdrom e


IMR result is: Session Closed.

Error: failed to Open IDER Session.

IMR result is: Session Closed.

Error: faild Getting IDER State.

Error : IMR_IDERGetDeviceState : res : 0xc

PT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR: An internal error in the Intel AMT device has occur


IDER is working with AMT Commander. SOL is working fine with RDK.

When I try IDE-R with AMT Commander, booting with CD, it takes a lot of time to show first screen, is this normal ?

- Sohaib.
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Hello Sohaib,

There is no one updating/supporting the RDK at this time- it is available on the site only to provide coding examples in Java.The RDK isbased off of an older representation of the AMT firmware -features mayno longer work. Please see my blog below.Sorry for the inconveniences.

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