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Enterprise name question



What method should be used to create an enterprise name that is used in the following call: ISVS_RegisterApplicationEx?
I want to be able to create an enterprise name for a specific vendor that during installation
I know that it can be precreated using AMT commander.How can I do it using SDK calls?

Thank you.


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Hi YM,

I am not at the office right now, so I don't know the exact call, but I have a nice universal trick you can use to find out. Within Intel AMT Commander, open the "Help" menu and select "Show Debug Information...". Keep that new window on the side and now, create an enterprise. You will see every web services call Intel AMT Commander makes.

Another thing about enterprises, I don't think it's a great name. It should have been called "Administrative Domain". You can only create four enterprises and I will bet that every vendor will create a different one, resulting in one 4 vendors being able to use 3rd party storage.

The correct way to use this is to have all an organization define a "management domain" and have all it's applications using that domain. In the off-chance that a computer belongs to two administrators, the enterprise would be use to tell them apart. The same management application could be used by different people with collision.

This is probably too much information, but thanks for the question.
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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