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Enterprise vs SMB modes?

What is the difference between configuring AMT in enterprise vs SMB modes?
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Hi Sree,

Small Business Mode (SMB)

Targeted for small to medium-sized businesses

Allows businesses to access an Intel AMT device without 3rd Party management console applications

Simple to set up; uses no network infrastructure services.

Does not support Transport Layer Security (TLS)-based communication

Requires strong password

See the Small Business Configuration User Guide.pdf in the SDK documentation for more information.

User manual for setting up and configuring for Small Business operations mode

Enterprise Mode:

Designed to serve the needs of large organizations

With appropriate network infrastructure services, Enterprise setup provides automated one-touch Setup and Configuration for Intel AMT platforms

Requires strong password

See the Developers Guide to the Sample Setup and Configuration Application.pdf in the SDK documentation for more information.

How to configure and use the Setup and Configuration Server

The internal elements of the SCS

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