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Help needed: how to clone (ghost) hard disk drive through network by using Intel ME feature


Hi Experts,

I would to do ghost my PC remotely thru network. it's mean, i have PC which is ME enabled, this PC is power pluged and BIOS is working. i would to do clone (ghost) a new operating system for this PC remotely from my laptop. The OS image file is located in my laptop (or somewhere in the network) and i using Norton Ghost software in my laptop.

i don't know whether our ME feature allows me to do that? and how can i do that if possible?

Please help to give advice. Thank you

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I am not familar with how to operate Norton Ghost, but I believe this would be possible.

With IDER you can remotely mount a drive or image on the network. Then you could possibly use an inband remote access tool like Remote Desktop Connection to run the Ghost tools from the client system's operating system.

Or if you want to run the tools out of band (not from the client OS), you may want to try to build a image (preferable small set like DOS with the Ghost tools and network stack) then mount and run that image using IDER. It would be best if you could run the Ghost tools silent (without user interaction required) so you wouldn't need to see the process while it happens.

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