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IdeaZone is LIVE!!


We arevery excited to announce that the IdeaZone site is now LIVE!

The objective of the Idea Zone is to harness the wealth of community knowledge for product innovation.We arehoping that Idea Zone will establish an ongoing conversation where you have an opportunity to share your new ideas on existing products (new features, improvements), provide product suggestions as well as provide feedback on Intel Software Network. You now have the ability to influence the products/tools features.

For more information about IdeaZone, please take a look at Ajay Mungara's blog.

So go out to the IdeaZone site, register, and check it out. You can vote on ideas by clicking on the up (you like it) or down (you aren't so crazy about) arrows. You can vote 3 times, not just once. 3 Clicks means that you REALLY like an idea.

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