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Intel AMT: Password issue

Hi ,
I'd like to write application compatible with AMT.
Application should start and shutdown all Computers in network.
I'd like to know following things.
1. Do I need to write separate code for SMB and Enterprise mode?
2. How password is maintained for big network?
e.g. If there is network of 100 computers, how does admin manage password for each computer?
3. Is it recommended to keep same password for all computers in network?
4. In case of enterprise mode can I access computer with only certificate?

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Hello Sachin,
1. SMB and Enterprise can operate the same if Enterprise is configured without TLS. If you will be supporting TLS (only available in Enterprise mode), the initial difference in coding for SMB and Enterprise will be for Setup and Configuration. Please take a look at the documentation in the Intel AMT SDK (look in the DOCS folder for "Developers Guide to the Sample Setup and Configuration Application", "Small Business Configuration User Guide", and "Intel AMT Integration with Active Directory" and on the Intel AMTSCSdownload page (scroll down to documentation section) for information on the differences.
Aside from Setup and Configuration, the next consideration for coding for SMB vs. Enterprise will be authentication support.If you want tosupport digest and certificate based authentication, then your code will need to be able to provide the appropriate credentials/certificates.

2. There are many ways to maintain multiple passwords for many AMT systems. The AMT SCS uses a database. The Intel Manageability DTK uses the operating system registry. You can look at either of those as examples.

3. The decision to maintain one password or multiple passwords should be an option available to the end user of your software.

4. If you have provisioned a client in enterprise mode with TLS then you will only need the appropriate certificates to communicate with it.

I hope you find this information useful. Pleaselet me know if you have additional questions.
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