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Intel(R) AMT SDK (4.0) now available


The newest version of the SDK has just been released! This new version provides several new features to support AMT 4.0, as well as several other updates and changes.

This new version can be obtained here: Intel AMT Software Development Kit (SDK)

There are several new AMT 4.0 features that are supported by this new SDK

  • Secure Audit Log - Configuration and samples (4.0).
  • Fast Call for Help (aka CIRA) vPro Enabled Gateway (aka MPS) binary sample provided, configuration support & most samples updated to support working remotely (4.0).
  • Network Access Protection (NAP) - System Health Validator (SHV) sample (4.0).
  • Samples for additional DASH 1.0 profiles - 'Role Based authorization (ACL)', WS-Eventing & DASH Discovery support (3.2 - apart from WS-Eventing, 4.0).
  • USB configuration has been updated to support many configuration options.
  • Wireless configuration WS-Management support (4.0).
  • New event log interface (3.2, 4.0)

In addition to providing code that supports several new AMT 4.0 features, there were several other updates to the SDK.

WS-Management additional features:

  • There is a new WS-Management sample for Linux.
  • WS-Management sample C++ classes are provided in addition to the C# classes.
  • Some WS-Management samples are provided in C++ using OpenWSMAN. These samples can easily be changed to use WinRM or gSOAP instead of OpenWSMAN by using the WS-Management abstraction layer provided in the SDK.

Other changes in the SDK:

  • All the Windows software components were updated to Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005. The Storage library is also provided in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 project format.
  • The SDK layout has changed. See the layout section in the User Guide.
  • Linux operating systems versions were updated, see the user guide for details.
  • All samples were updated to support new Intel AMT 4.0 features. Refer to the versions.txt file for a list of features available in various Intel AMT release versions.

Id encourage anyone whos just starting to experiment with AMT to obtain this new SDK, as well as anyone with AMT 4.0 systems that theyd like to work with. There have also been multiple bug fixes in the newest SDK release as well, so if there is a lull in your development cycle you would probably benefit from obtaining the new SDK as well.

Older Updates - Hot Fix 3.0.2:

We have updated the Intel Manageability Community Website with a Hot Fix for the Intel SDK. This hot fix contains the following fixes/updates:

  • Memory Leak in the Storage Library
  • Redirection Library fix: SOL Boot can hang t he Intel AMT system
  • Various documentation corrections in the Network Interface Guide and the Developers Guide to the Sample Setup and Configuration Application

For more information on these updates, please see the readme file (it is attached to this post.)

Older Updates-AMT SDK 3.0:

Just wanted to let you all know that we have posted the updated version of Intel AMT SDK 3.0. The updated version of the SDK have fixes for SOL using some BIOSs anddocumentation errors. Checkout my blog for more detailed information regarding this update.

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