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Intel vPro confusion



I hope that this is the right place for me to ask.

I'm currently doing my study on Intel vProandI have these confusion:

1) What is exactly Intel vPro? Is it a platform, technology or processor technology and are all of these the same or not? it is because I have come across so many definiton of Intel vPro; some saying that it is a platfrom similar to Centrino and Viiv, some says that it is a processor technology and some says that it is a technology. From what I know so far, Intel vPro is something like a collection of Intel technologies which are Intel active management technology (AMT) and Intel virtualization technology (IVT) and to be able to acquire this technologies (AMT and IVT), you need certain hardwares and softwares that support both technologies. Thus, what i've concluded is that vPro is actually a platform that requires all these technologies, HW and SW built together to be called vPro platform. I hope that someone can clarify this to me.

2)Can AMT and IVT stand alone? meaning that to build PC with either AMT or IVT only. And if it is possible, what are the specific hardwares (HW) and softwares (SW) required to build either this AMT or IVT.

3)i've come across this key components to build intel vPro where there are core 2 duo E6000 series with IVT, Motherboard with Q965 express chipset, Intel AMT 2.0 firmware, Bios that support AMT and IVT and Intel 82566DM gigabit network connection. My confusion is do the Core 2 Duo processor is necessary or only the processor with IVT built-in? where is actually the AMT 2.0 firmware is situated? And lastly what is 82566DM gigabit network connection, is it gigabit network connection only where all the NIC with gigabit network connection is possible or the specific 82566DM NIC only possible for vPro. I found these components from FAQ in this intel website but it doesn't really answer the question.

I hope that someone could reply as soon as possible as I want to proceed to the other stage of my study.

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This article might explain some of your questios.

There are also a lot of documents explaining Active Management Technology on our Manageability commuity site. (On the left side of the Forum page, click on "Manageability" underneath "Commuities")

Systems that are AMT capable will have the vPRO sticker on them. Their CPU has a management engine built into the chip. AMT 2.1 is currently the latest rev of the firmware available on the Intel download site for th Q965 chipsets. The firmware is loaded onto the processor (this is specific to the Core 2 Duo processors.) In order to use AMT you do need the 82566DM network connection. You do need software that interfaces with the Active Management Technology - this software is usually called the "Management Console." A good example of software that does this is the Intel AMT DTK (developers toolkit) which is also available on the Manageability Community site. You can also take a look at my blogs - I have been trying to answer a lot of these questions for other developers there as well.

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