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ME Interface Initialization Failed Message in BIOS - Unable to boot


I was online yesterday- yes behind two firewalls, one hardware, one software as well as AV running - and the system (a Gateway T6000) froze. Rebooted and the system would not boot. Looking in the BIOS at the log and got this message. Now the system will not boot to any OS. Any suggestions?

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I think you will have to contact Gateway to resolve this issue. I know I've heard of that error being returned if there wasn't RAM in the first slot of the system, but given your description of the problem that doesn't seem to be the case here.

If you're already in the BIOS and you're not interested in using vPro, you can look to see if there is an option to disable vPro (it might be listed as AMT) in the BIOS. This implementation is specific to the different OEM vendors (like Gateway), that's one of the reasons I mentioned following up with them.

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