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Managing vPro machines over the Internet


I'm not sure if this the right forum but i couldn't find an alternate forum.I've got couple of questions related to managing vPro machines over the Internet..

a. Will i be able to manage a vPro machine which is static NAT'ed to a global IP(valid/public/internet routable)?

b. Do we have another option of managing multiple vPro machines over the Internet other than VPN?

PS: I'm an Intel EE



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Hi Satish,

You certainly are at the right place, especialy for vPro and AMT related questions. By the way, thanks for posting here even if you are Intel, it benefits everyone.

a. Yes, vPro includes a feature called Intel AMT that makes use of TCP ports 16992 to 16994 so you can setup almost any routers to port map there ports to a computer inside the private network and it will work. VPN will also work.

b. I am glad you asked. Because of hard coded ports in libraries Intel offers, you can't manage more than one computer using port mapping. VPN solves it and will allow you to manage many computers inside a private network. Another alternative is to use Intel AMT Switchbox, it's embedded software you can put on the router or any computer on the network to manage any Intel AMT computers on the network.

Intel AMT Switchbox v0.5 is coming out soon with TLS support and that will allow secure management over the Internet. Also, you can upload disk images to switchbox and perform very fast IDE-R without having IDE-R go over the Internet, which is slow.

I hope this helps,
Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)

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