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MeshCommander Timeout Error - New AMT Setup

I am new to using Intel AMT. I have a subject PC with intel vPro hardware, and a PC I am using MeshCommander on to remote manage the subject PC. Both computers are on the same network. On the subject PC, I launched MEBx using Ctrl + P and entered the default password, and set a new password which I have saved. I set the host name to the name of the subject PC, and set the IP configuration to DHCP. I then booted the subject into windows to see the IP address, and on the management PC in MeshCommander I clicked 'scan' and entered the IP address. It found the PC, and when I click connect, it prompts me for the password that I set, which I enter. It will spin for a little while, then say Timeout Error. The only option then is to Cancel. 

At the office, we use ESET Endpoint Encryption, so when I saw the other MeshCommander Timeout Error post on this forum, I tried enabling protocols 16992-16995 in Windows Defender Firewall on the subject PC, but it was locked by ESET. I had my boss enable those protocols within ESET for the subject PC, but the issue was not resolved. 

I know that MeshCommander is able to connect to the subject PC in some capacity; while setting it up I made a few mistakes, and when I had an incorrect IP address in MeshCommander the icon next to that address was greyed out. Now, with the correct IP address, the icon is green when the Subject PC is on, so I am not sure what the problem is. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.

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