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Questions about AMT

AMT looks like a cool technology for our applications. I plan to build an AMT network through internet connection. Here are my questions:

1. Shall I run DTK or especially MC (Management Console) on an AMT enabled PC to control AMT clients? That is can I control AMT clients on a non-AMT computer with Windows or Linux?

2. Shall I need a server (such as Windows Server 2003) to management and control AMT PC clients?

3. Are there any motherboards that support both vPro and SLI/Crossfire graphics card?

4. Does AMT support Linux?

5. Is AMT terminal compatible to telnet?

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Hi and thanks for the questions.

1. The computer that runs the AMT Console (Intel AMT Commander) does not have to support AMT. Any computer with .NET 2.0 can run Commander to control other computers. Intel AMT Commnader only runs on Microsoft Windows right now, but working on making it work on Linux later this year.
2. No. If you use Intel AMT Commander, any Microsoft Windows computer is ok.
3. I don't know. You could look at Intel BadAxe2, but that only supports AMT 1.0, so you don't get all the latest features and I am not sure what video cards will work in the two PCI-E slots. Anybe others can answer this.
4. AMT is generally OS independent, but yes, look at for documents.
5. Not really. You can use Telnet or Hyperterm as terminals for AMT, but it is not very good. I suggest you use IAmtTerm.exe from the Intel AMT DTK.

Ylian (Intel AMT Blog)
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