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Soap and WS-Man API performance comparison

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Hi All,

I'm using both soap and ws-man for communicating with AMT. As per the SDK, The SOAP API is deprecated in the release 6.0 and new features wll be supported through Ws-Man.
I tried the examples in SDK for both Soap API and WS-Man API(like Event Log), the response is very quick for SOAP api( less than 10 seconds), WS-Man takes more than a minute.Is this time differencenormal?
I would like to know the difference between the soap and ws-man implementation in AMT.

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Hi Mani-

Currently the SDK documentation and samples detail how to traverse from Registered Profiles down to a particular class instance. While this is a comprehensive and viable approach it may notbe the quickest approach due toadditional steps thatcontributeto the response timesyou noticed. An alternate approach is to access the desired information more directly utilizing enumeration and selectors. Currently the best examples of this alternate approachare the samples inthe Java Client Library which can be found here:

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