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Software Version Compliance with AMT

I intend to do Software Version Compliance using AMT. I have following doubts:
a) Does the software I am interested in tracking over client machines need to have the AMT capability in terms of updating the flash memory over AMT? In case the software is not AMT capable, do I need to write some agent for the particular software to enable it for AMT?

b) Once the information stored on the flash memory, how do I retrieve it from remote management console? Would working with StorageInterface interface would give all I need or do I have to write some extra bits for that?

Any help/pointers would be helpful. Please rectify if my understanding of the whole thing is shaky at any point.

Thanks in anticipation.
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Yes, typicallylocal agent is written that will perform a software inventory and write the results into the 3rd Party Data Store in AMT through the local interface.

Before any storage operations can occur,the remote management console needs to configure the storage for use by the local agent. Then the local agent and the remote management console can both read and write using the API.

Please take a look at the Storage Design Guide.pdf in the DOCS file of the SDK.
You can also find StorageAdmin and Storage samples in the SDK.
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