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WakeOnNetAccess feature added in Intel AMT SDK 2.1


The 2.1 version of the Intel AMT SDK will be available on this sitewithin the nextfew weeks. The new feature that is included in this release is called WakeOnNetAccess. While the current silicon supports this feature, it does require updated firmware.

This feature is used to customize the Intel AMT behavior during various system power states. Usage of this command is usually intended to minimize the power consumption of the platform during various system states.

Note that once the device is put to sleep (and allowed to wake-up on network access), the caller should allow sufficient time for the device to go through a restart sequence before issuing network commands. This may be done by waiting a reasonable amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) and then resending network commands that may have failed.

If the device is put to sleep with no option to wake-up on network access), then the caller might never be responded to.


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