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accessing an AMT computer with two Viewers at the same time


I connected with the RealVNC Viewer Plus to the AMT computer. Then I tried to
connect with a second computer to the AMT computer.

This attempt failed and displayed a message box telling me:

>>The AMT Server is currently busy serving a session to another viewer,
please try again later<<

1. Can I switch off this limitation to one controlling computer?

1.a. If YES, where can I do this?

1.b. If NO, will this bug be fixed in a future release of the AMT?
May be in AMT 7.0?
When will this bug be fixed?

Thanks in advance for all your answers.

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Each AMT client can only support one KVM session at a time.
This is the intended operation.
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For example the TightVNC Server allows accessing the remote computer thru several parallel viewers at the same time. In some cases this is a very helpful feature for the users.

Why did you switched off such a behaviour in your AMT?

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The KVM functionality doesn't implement a full VNC server, instead it generates VNC data from a microcontroller implementation. The implementation is very lightweight, and doesn't include the full capability of a full VNC server.

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Ok, now we have an AMT computer and two clients with the RealVNC Viewer Plus.

The first client connects to the AMT computer.

What can the user at the second client computer do, to
close the existing connection and to open an own connection?

1. Is there in the option rom (ctrl+p) some where the possibility to
enter the value for the property SessionTimeout of the class

2. Does the RealVNC viewer also have a timeout value, which will
disconnect the viewer?

3. Is there a hotkey which the user at the second viewer can press,
to close the first viewer.

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There is a Session Timeout Parameter in the class IPS_KVMRedirectionSettingData.

If this is not sufficient for your need(s), I would need to look it this to see if"3rd party" terminationis possible. Can you explain to me why you would want to ungracefully terminate an activeconnection between two other sytems?

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Currently we are testing the possibilities offered thru AMT-KVM.

A use case in which it is necessary to terminate a connection between
two systems is:

A customer has a very large machine. Deep inside this machine is a AMT computer.
Now the operator of this machine has to interact with the AMT-computer thur
a VNC-Viewer-PC at the one end of the machine. When he is done, he walks
thru the other end of the machine an has to do here something. Now
he also has to connect thru another VNC-Viewer-PC to the same ANT computer
inside the machine. - Unfortunatly the IDLE-TIMEOUT-timer is still ticking
and therefore the first VNC-connection is still alive. - Now it would be
very helpfull for this operator having a hotkey combination to terminate
that first VNC-connection.

This is just one possible use case, where it might be very usefull having
such a hotkey combination. There are also other cases in which such a behaviour
would be realy helpfull.

Now back to my open questions:

1. Which possibilities are present to set / read the property SessionTimeout
of the class IPS_KVMRedirectionSettingData?

- Writing an short own application using your SDK. - OK, should work.
- Is there also some where a place in the option ROM (ctrl+p), where I
can read / set this value?
- May be thur one of your DTK-Tools?
- May be also somewhere remote thur a web browser //ip-adr:16992 ?
- May be another additionl way to set/read this value ... ?

Can you please tell me which of those possibilites are present. And if present,
where exeactly I can set / read this value.

2. Does your SDK / API offer the possibility to a remote software to terminate
remotly an existing connection between two systems?

If so, what is the appropriate method / function, which can do this?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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Interesting use case. One solution in this particular case would be for the operator to terminate the current session prior to leaving his station. If your current viewer does not have a "Disconnect" option, simply closing the viewer may have the desired affect. You can also develop a viewer.

Have you looked look at the KVM samples in the SDK?Samples are under \Windows\Intel_AMT\Samples\KVM

Now to your questions...

For Item 1.

-Yes, you can write your on app.
-No, there is no way to access this fieldvia the MEBx (Ctrl-p)
-The latest availableDTK does support KVM andmay be an additional thing to look at to aid in your own development efforts. click here to download
-No, there is no access to thisfield via the WebUI

SessionTimeout is afield of the class IPS_KVMRedirectonSettingData so it could bealtered via the get() and put() methods.

For Item 2.

The class also has the TerminateSession() method which youmay fit your needs.

You can find the class documentation in your SDK; once you're in the documentation it will be under:
WS-Management > WS-Management Class Reference > IPS Classes > IPS_KVMRedirectionSettingData

The SDK documentation also discusses how WS-Management is supported in Intel AMT:
click on the Contents Tab and look for WS-Management in the left window.

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