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how to do SOL boot with AMT Commander

I'm trying to use AMT Commander to do an SOL boot, like AMTRedirection option f "SOL boot", but there doesn't seem to be this choice. There's "Remote Boot to BIOS Setup", which is like AMTRedirection option g "SOL Boot to BIOS Setup". The "Normal Boot" option seems to be like AMTRedirection option e "Regular boot".

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That feature is often requested for the Intel AMT DTK and I will be adding it very soon. In the meantime, you can still perform a normal boot with serial-over-LAN remoting turned on by going into the "Custom Command..." menu options and selecting: Reset, Intel, Intel, Nothing, Use Serial-over-LAN.

I do want to note that Serial-over-LAN is really always turned on, but it's the BIOS's redirection of text characters into the serial port that can be optionally turned on. I also wrote a white paper on using serial-over-LAN got recently published.

Ylian (My Intel AMT Blog)

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