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"Me is in recovery state"


I have got an asus p5e-vm do maiboard with intel q35 integrated vpro technology. I upgraded to the latest bios of the mainboard, and suddenly during the booting process "Me is in recovery state" post appeared and the intel amt stopped working anymore. I tried to downgrade back to the previous bios, but it didn't help.

First time I contacted to asus costumer service, surpricingly they redirect me to intel costumer service to solve problem. Actually I am not sure how to write to intel costumer service. I only know this forum where maybe my problem can be helped.

So please help me, how I canovercome this "Mi is in recovery state issue".

Thank you,

Norbert Dupsi

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I'd like to chime in.

I currently have a ASUS manufacturedP5E-VM DO motherboard that report "ME is in recovery state". Upon a google search, this page is the sole relevant webpage about this error.

What does "ME is in recovery state" mean?

Original version and lastest version of bioses available from ASUS report the error. Changing BIOS revision don't change the motherboard's behavior.


If you go through this forum thread from the beginning, you can see that your issue is very much the same as that reported here. So, my suggestion would be to contact ASUS customer support.



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