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unable to access webui in wireless mode

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Hi, I'm trying to manage AMT in wireless mode and unable to access webui in wireless mode alone.

AMT firmware version is 8.1.0-build 1265 

I'm able to connect to AMT webui using wired mode(ip address is and configured wireless setting as below

My Wireless network uses Security type as WPA2-Personal and Encryption type as AES(which is equivalent to RSN-PSK with CCMP)

Created new wireless profile Network authentication as RSN-PSK and encryption as CCMP

Initial setting were below Band mode capabilities: A B G N Radio state: Unknown Wireless Management: Disabled

Then I changed Wireless management to Enabled in S0, Sx/AC

Restarted AMT system and shows Radio state as on in wireless settings of Webui

Wireless ip address in webUI is showing as only I checked Intel® Management and Security Status Application in AMT system it shows link down in wireless mode,

Wireless connection Link Status : Link Down IPV4 Address: Configured for Wireless: Wireless enabled

I have disconnected LAN cable and restarted system. Tried to access webui in wireless mode,Getting error as Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage If i check IP address for wireless connection using ipconfig in AMT system, i'm getting ip address( and not able to access  web ui using that ip address(

I'm able to take rdp of AMT system(Windows 7 OS is loaded in AMT system) and ping from another system.

I configured AMT through SMB mode. Am I missing any wireless setting?



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Wow - off hand there are only a couple  things that I can think of that might cause issues.  One is that you can't use static IP adresses - the IP address has to be shared with the host (doesn't look like that is happening?)

Also, you can verify the following:

1.  For Intel AMT to work with a wireless LAN, it must share IP addresses with the host. This requires the presence of a DHCP server to allocate IP addresses and Intel AMT must be configured to use DHCP.

2. Security Settings  (looks like you are OK here...)

  • Key Management approach: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or Robust secure Network (RSN)
  • Encryption Algorithm: Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP) or Counter Mode CBC MAC Protocol (CCMP)
  • Authentication: Passphrase or 802.1x profile

3.0  Intel® Wi-fi Adapters supporting vPro:  (current generation adaptors- basically Centrino Ultimate or Advanced-N series)

  • Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230
  • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205
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