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About the structure of the API - createService, deleteService, getServices


The N.API reference mentions createService, deleteService and getServices, implying that my server could have a variable number of services. Also createService accepts a name and a key - what is the significance of these strings? Do I just invent any strings I like?

What is a service for? I see getRooms returns "the rooms in your service" but it doesn't accept a service ID, so how does it know which service I am asking about?

And in basicService.js it never calls createService, deleteService etc. It just calls N.API.init, and specifies a hard-coded service name and key.

So do we call createService first, then init? When would it make sense to use createService, deleteService and getServices?


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Multi service means Intel CS for WebRTC MCU support multi tenant and can run as a cloud service. Each service work as a tenant and serve on entity or company which logically separated with other service. Currently each basicService act as one entity's application server and associate with one MCU service.