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How do I get a list of connected users?

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This might be a silly question, but I can't figure out how to list all users in a conference in the javascript client?

I am aware that the response from conference.join contains an initial array of users in the room. And there are also events for users joining and leaving. I could use this info to create my own list, but is that necessary? I could also make a get request but that seems unnecessary too.

Is the user list tracked in the conference object somewhere, or a different object? I can see the available remote streams with conference.remoteStreams , but not a user list like the initial response when you do conference.join

Also, does somewhere keep track of what streams the user is subscribed to? or should I implement my own list for that too?

Thanks :)

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Hi, Stephen

Current Intel CS for WebRTC SDK API assumes client user will maintain those status, like room user list, self published streams, self subscribed streams, etc. Server side doesn't provide API to query by default. But for room user list, that's a exception, there is management API N.API.getUsers can fetch it, but mainly used for room management.

Best wishes,

Zhai Lei

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