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I haven't PeerServer signaling server code


Hi, I have a webrtc application working in conference mode (with rooms) and I want to migrate it to peer-to-peer mode. In the p2p example (in "Intel_CS_WebRTC.v3.2_Update1") I have:

var serverAddress='';  // Please change to signaling server's address.
var p2p=new Woogeen.PeerClient({});

But looking in the files that "Intel_CS_WebRTC.v3.2_Update1" contains I can't found the signaling server's code. I found this address in the documentation: "" and I try with it (thinking thats a public example) but didn't work for me.

And here are my questions:

  • Is this signaling server included (and started) when I run "bin/"?
  • If not, where can I found this code?

If I'm wrong with any of this items please explain to me.


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