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ICS 4.0.1 javascript SDK not publishing stream


I just downloaded ICS 4.0.1 package and installed in centos 7.3. Started the sample application, but the stream is not published. there are no errors. Just promise resolve of publish is not fired. If I provide wrong stream, it rejects it and error is shown.


var audioConstraintsForMic = new Ics.Base.AudioTrackConstraints(Ics.Base.AudioSourceInfo.MIC);
var videoConstraintsForCamera = new Ics.Base.VideoTrackConstraints(Ics.Base.VideoSourceInfo.CAMERA);
let mediaStream;
console.log('constraints', audioConstraintsForMic, videoConstraintsForCamera);
Ics.Base.MediaStreamFactory.createMediaStream(new Ics.Base.StreamConstraints(
audioConstraintsForMic, videoConstraintsForCamera)).then(stream => {
mediaStream = stream;
localStream = new Ics.Base.LocalStream(mediaStream, new Ics.Base.StreamSourceInfo('mic', 'camera'));
$('.local video').get(0).srcObject = stream;
console.log('localstream', localStream);
conference.publish(localStream).then(publication => {
console.log('stream published'); //-----------------------------> NOT BEING EXECUTED
mixStream(myRoom,, 'common');
publication.addEventListener('error', (err) => {
console.log('Publication error: ' + err.error.message);
}, err => {
console.error('not published', err);
}, err => {
console.error('Failed to create MediaStream, ' +
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Hi, we cannot reproduce this

Hi, we cannot reproduce this issue, could you provide more info like:

1. What's your browser and browser version

2. What's the network topology for MCU deployment and browser

3. Please open a tab and open chrome://webrtc-internals and dump webrtc internal information for us to debug

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