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Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v3.0 Release Announcement


I am pleased to announce a major update and release of the Intel® Collaboration Suite for WebRTC Version 3.0.  The release and user documentation are freely available to download from the Intel® Developer Zone site at

This version of the Intel CS for WebRTC utilizes a distributed architecture to GPU-accelerated MCU server for better fulfillment of large scale video conference deployments. Intel CS for WebRTC takes full advantage of Intel platforms’ media processing acceleration for creating high-performance communication solutions, especially of the newly released Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator product, which delivers outstanding TCO (Price/Performance/Power) per media processing channel.  For more information about how to enable Intel CS for WebRTC on Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator card, please contact our WebRTC Support team.

The following is a list of the complete features (refer to the Release Notes for details):

  • Added C++ SDK for Windows* to support MCU video conference, with VP8/H.264 hardware decoding, and additional raw/encoded video frame input API.

  • Added intelligent audio quality management for Android* SDK, including auto howling elimination.

  • Added trickle ICE support for MCU to greatly reduce the WebRTC peer connection establishing time with ICE servers.

  • Supports other recording options on codec for MCU rooms, including H.264 for video and Opus for audio.

  • Supports other resolution options for MCU multi-streaming, which have different resolution ratio with base resolution.

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