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Cannot install Spyder IDE with Anaconda and Intel Distribution for Python

Hello everyone,

My OS is Ubuntu 18.0.4.

I cannot install spyder using conda in an environment with the Intel Distribution for Python installed.

Reproducing my issue

I have just recently downloaded and installed Anaconda and created an environment with Intel Distribution for Python following this guide (and named it idp, as instructed).

After setting up the idp environment using 'conda create -n idp intelpython3_full python=3' and activating it, I did 'conda install conda'. Then I re-opened the terminal (in case something was changed in .bashrc) and used 'conda activate idp'. Next I did 'conda update -all'. Everything was up to date, according to the output message.

Then I tried 'conda install spyder'. But there were conflicts.

Note: I configured conda to prioritize the intel channel in the idp environment, but the default channels are still valid.

After 'conda' spent about three hours looking for incompatible packages, it output the errors shown in the attached .log file (which I manually copied from the terminal to a text file).

Apparently, there were conflicts with ALL packages.

Could someone please provide a solution? Using another IDE is not the greatest solution, but it's a valid workaround... There is also the option of using Spyder from the base environment, which works fine when base is activated, and instruct IPython to use the other environment (idp), but this would lead to conflicts, wouldn't it?

Additional information

'python -V' in base    results in   Python 3.7.7

'python -V' in idp       results in   Python 3.6.3 :: Intel Corporation

Best regards,

Breno de Almeida

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

We are able to reproduce the same issue. We are forwarding this case to SME and will get back to you soon.



I'm glad to notify you that intel python 2020 update 2 released recently.   we had verified the Spyder IDE (conda install spyder in intel python environment) can work with the version. You are welcomed to try this and let us know if any issues.