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I want to cut depth and color frame for point cloud


Hi, i bought intel realsense depth camera D415.

Now i am trying to cut point cloud, .ply file as a single object.

I want to save the img what i clicked and drop out as a single cloud point file.

I drop out the image what i want using opencv, but when i save the ply file by using (points.export_to_ply) this code, the whole screen point cloud file saved as file. 

I searched and find the answer was try to cut depth frame first, and cut color frame.

I tried to cut frame as roi, but it doesn't work.

they said try to use following code.


aligned = align.process(frames)
color_aligned_to_depth = aligned.first(
xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax = 100, 200, 100, 200 # BB
depth_frame = frames.first(
points = pc.calculate(depth_frame)
w = rs.video_frame(depth_frame).width
h = rs.video_frame(depth_frame).height
verts = np.asanyarray(points.get_vertices()).view(np.float32).reshape(h, w, 3)
roi = verts[ymin:ymax, xmin:xmax, :]



I want to cut point  cloud file...

I wish i could find a way to cut it out point cloud file.

Plz do not recommend PCL, i already tired, but faild to build. 

Let me know the way on Python.


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Hi Lee,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

This forum primarily support queries related to issues with intel distribution of python. RealSense queries are not supported here. Please submit RealSense queries here:

We wouldn't be monitoring this thread further. Please feel free to raise a new thread in case of issues with Intel distribution of python.


Chithra J

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