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notebook, h5py, sympy missing for python 3.7

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notebook, h5py, and sympy appear to be missing for Python 3.7.  Can these be added?  Thanks.

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I was able to install all the 3 packages sympy,h5py,notebook to python3.7. I am using Intel distribution of python-3.7.9 on ubuntu 18.04.

The conda installations work without any issues. Please find below the commands I used. 

conda create -n myenv python=3.7 -c intel
conda activate myenv
conda install sympy notebook h5py -c intel


If you are still facing issues provide us with the following

1)what is the exact python version you are using, 

2)the error you are getting when you attempt to install the packages. 

3)conda list for your environment.

4)Operating system.






Arun Jose


New Contributor I

If you look at where notebook, h5py, and sympy come from I believe you will see that they come from the main Anaconda repos, not the Intel repo.  For example:

conda search --override-channels -c intel notebook | grep py37

returns nothing while there are versions for 3.6.  Now, the more I think about it it's not a big deal that notebook is missing as being a pure python package there really is no need to "compile" it with the Intel compiler.  Similar with sympy.  h5py does have some C components, but still likely nothing complex enough to benefit as well.

The main issue is that it creates problems trying to make environment that are mixed with Intel and Anaconda packages that use Intel components whenever possible.  I have done this in the past with something like:

conda create -n scipy37-intel-notebook --override-channels --strict-channel-priority -c intel -c main python=3.7 notebook

but this fails because while notebook exists in the Intel channel (and so conda restricts it to that channel) it doesn't exist for Python 3.7 and so it can't satisfy the requirement.

I think a better long term solution is described in .  This would allow for:

conda create -n scipy37-intel-notebook --override-channels --strict-channel-priority -c intel-py37 -c intel -c main python=3.7 notebook

But I see that you don't agree ;).



Yes you were right the packages were getting installed from the default conda channel for python3.7,

As you have rightly mentioned using default vs intel package might not be of significant benefit for pure python based packages, However I will check internally if these packages(sympy,notebook,h5py) could be made available in the intel channel for python3.7. I will keep you posted here on the updates.