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Add op in tensorflow causing compilation error?

I am trying to build a model using the inverted residual block here: I commented out the BN layers since the Keras version seems to cause some problem in mvNCCompile, but even without BN layers I still get an error from mvNCCompile saying that "[Error 5] Toolkit Error: Stage Details Not Supported: Top Not Found block_2_add/Add"


I exported the pbtxt file of my model and here is the description of this node:


node {


name: "block_2_add/Add"


op: "Add"


input: "block_1_project/convolution"


input: "block_2_project/convolution"


attr {


key: "T"


value {


type: DT_FLOAT








It looks like it is just a normal Add op which adds up two conv layers' outputs… Any idea what may cause this error?

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