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Any idea on how to fix on NCSDK ?

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I have started out with


sys.path.insert(0, "../../ncapi2_shim")


import mvnc_simple_api as mvnc


but I can't get this to work ;


opt = devHandle[devnum].GetDeviceOption(mvnc.DeviceOption.OPTIMISATIONLIST) print("Optimisations:") print(opt) graphHandle.append(devHandle[devnum].AllocateGraph(graph)) graphHandle[devnum].SetGraphOption(mvnc.GraphOption.ITERATIONS, 1) iterations = graphHandle[devnum].GetGraphOption(mvnc.GraphOption.ITERATIONS) print("Iterations:", iterations)


If I comment out the lines above it will run "empty"


Any ideas on how to fix it under NCSDK ?

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