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Build OpenVINO 2019 R1.1 C++ Demos with Multi NCS support


I have an Intel NUC with 2 NCS2 sticks installed. For Python samples, I managed to use both sticks. However, I still can't compile the OpenVINO demos with multistick support. 

Following the advice in another thread, I included the following line

plugin.SetConfig({ { "VPU_FORCE_RESET", "NO" } });

in of the interactive_face_detection_demo.

Although the code compiles properly, I don't seem to get the benefit of having two sticks at all. 

To run the code I use the following command line

interactive_face_detection_demo -i cam -m face-detection-adas-0001-fp16.xml -m_ag age-gender-recognition-retail-0013-fp16.xml -m_hp head-pose-estimation-adas-0001-fp16.xml -m_em emotions-recognition-retail-0003-fp16.xml -m_lm facial-landmarks-35-adas-0002-fp16.xml -d MYRIAD -d_ag MYRIAD -d_hp MYRIAD -d_em MYRIAD -d_lm MYRIAD

Any suggestion of how to address this issue, or any pointer to a working sample of enabling multistick computation in a C++ program would be greatly appreciated. 

Btw, I am running on Windows 10 with VC 2017.


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Hi there will be more control that you will be able have over the NCS2 sticks with the next release of openvino. 

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