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Does OpenCV-OpenVINO version supports Yolo v3 network?


As known OpenVINO can be used as backend for OpenCV-dnn module, and OpenCV-dnn module support Yolo v3 object detection.

* OpenCV can use OpenVINO backend:'s-Deep-Learning-Inference-Engine-backend

> Intel's Deep Learning Inference Engine
> (DL IE) is a part of Intel® OpenVINO™
> toolkit. You can use it as a
> computational backend for OpenCV deep
> learning module.

* OpenCV-dnn supports Yolo v3:


* I installed OpenVINO with integretaed OpenCV-4.1.0-openvion, but there is no yolo in samples.

* Also there is no yolo v3 models in zoo:

It seems that OpenCV should support Yolo v3 by using Path-2:

Does OpenCV-OpenVINO version supports Yolo v3 object detection to run on Intel VPU (Myriad X) - NCS2? 

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