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How to work the Yollo(Caffe) learned model which contains custom layers?

I want to infer the learned Yollo(Caffe) model with Movidius neural Compute Stick.


The learned model contains layers type which I created(custom layer).


The following error occurred when I am trying to make a Graph file using by mvNCCompile command.


/usr/local/bin/ncsdk/Controllers/ RuntimeWarning: invalid value encountered in sqrt [Error 4] Toolkit Error: Stage Type Not Supported: Reorg


According to the website…


"Caffe Layer Support:The following layers are supported in Caffe by the NCSDK.


The NCSDK does not support network training, so some layers that are only required for training are not supported."


So I have a question, is it possible to work the Yollo(Caffe) learned model which includes custom layer


with Movidius neural Compute Stick?


If custom layer isn't supported, how can I use it on Movid neural Compute Stick?


Do you have any suggestions?
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