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Inference engine error on MYRIAD device



I use OpenVINO on the following hardware:

I want to use the MYRIAD device, actually i have 2 of them (not sure why?):


I have a tensorflow model optimized. I use 2 version one with 1 batch and the other with 4 batches.

Everything working fine when I work with 1batch.

But when I want to use the model with 4 batches I got the following error while attempting to load the network:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFCA6E39709 in *****exe: Microsoft C++ exception: InferenceEngine::details::InferenceEngineException at memory location 0x0000000E5B8FD658. occurred

This is the line where i get the exception:

"ie.LoadNetwork(network, target);"

I have OpenVINO 2020R2

What can cause such problem?

Or how can i a get a more specific error message?

My guess is maybe the net is too big to the device's memory, but we are talking about a relatively small ssd object detection net.

Thanks for any advice


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I massed around a bit and found that if i try to load 2 nets to the MYRIAD device i got the same error. (I tested with a couple nets similar results).

So it seems to me the device run out of memory.

Is it possible?

How much memory these devices have? Do they even have own memory?


Hi Adam.

For your VPU device within UP Xtreme kit it would be more proper to use HDDL plugin rather than MYRIAD one. Please have a chance to try it and do not forget to follow HDDL configuration steps - Additional Installation Steps for the Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Movidius™ VPUs 

If this does not work yet, you could try to run your model with Benchmark C++ Tool or Benchmark Python Tool and specify the batch size with -b parameter (for example -b 4) to ensure your model is correct.

Hope this helps.
Best regards, Max.