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Intel OpenVINO SDK impossible to download !


Would like to evaluate recently purchased NCSv2 but I encounter issues downloading and passing through Intel's online form ...


1) Regardless I am logged or not as @intel-dev to obtain OpenVINO package need to pass through this single and only form:

2) The form take a while to submit those few lines, i did in 20x times (various devices, browsers) but no confirmation e-mail,  nothing ...

3) The form passes with "Form was submitted !" but no further feedback, no download button or e-mail notification nothing.


That form and procedure is hilarious, and i am very confident the issue is not on my side. Intel OpenVINO SDK seems a hard to meet illusive package.


    - Don't get the idea why already registered and logged in valid user still need to (re)fill out that (not working) form.

    - The OpenVINO (github opensource version) lacks of support for the NCSv2, it showcases only GPU and CPU.

    - From sparse information (not specified) it tuns out that "edge" is not edge, the stick (that could be a bulky PCI card) works only on PC (x86 class CPU).


Something went terribly wrong during promotion of OpenVINO today.


    NCSv2 stick was bought via Mouser electronics can't return back to U.S from EU. I am deeply disappointed by Intel's approach to promote this ML product and related SDK ecosystem. Movidius NCS&SDK approach was much better, but it does not work with NCSv2 anymore.



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Dear Cristian, 

our server has known few hiccups on Monday, everything is back to normal now for the registration and download of the software.