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Myriad plugin stills run after closing the program


Good morning!


I'm working with Myriad VPU to do inferences but when I close my program, I can see that my program is always running in VS :

If I use Ctrl+Alt+Break (pause button), I get this :

It's in french but we can see the Myriad plugin path.


How can I fix it?


Thank you.

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Dear Daraen,

It sounds like a coding error somewhere. If you look at our samples, once 

InferencePlugin plugin = PluginDispatcher().getPluginByDevice(device_name);

is given, all our samples shut down cleanly and there is no plugin hanging around anywhere afterward. It's because once the plugin goes out of scope a destructor is called which cleans up.

There could be many reasons for your issue and as I've advised you in previous posts before, you should step through your code using a Debug build of Inference Engine to figure out why the plugin is not being released.

Perhaps you are instantiating your plugin in the constructor of a C++ class and not properly destructing your class as a virtual destructor, i.e.   virtual ~MyClass() {} ?

Hope it helps.



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