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OpenVINO cant detect python3.6


My os is Win10.
As title, no matter which version of OpenVINO and python(>3.6) I install, OpenVINO installer just cant detect the python3.6.

The python installers are from python office website, called python-3.7.2-amd64 and python-3.6.5-amd64.

And, I also add the python3.6 folder or its subfolder to the enviroment variable.

The python3.6 can be used in command line way in terminal(command prompt), like "python.exe" or "python36.exe"  which is renamed by myself.

Even I try to install openVINO and python3.6 on other computers, but it still doesn't detect python3.6. 

Any suggestion?

Thank you!

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Dear Wu, Anthony,

I happily use Python 3.65 with OpenVino on Windows 10 and I have no issues. I recommend that you uninstall all versions of Python on your machine and if you're bold, delete the site-packages also ( I have done this myself when things got fubar'd). OpenVino does not mess up your Python installation at all, but sometimes with multiple Python installations and Anaconda and what have you, Python gets confused on its own. 

Next, carefully follow these steps to re-install OpenVino (in the instructions, you will be prompted for the Python installation)

I'm sorry that you're having so many difficulties but it should work for you. I use the latest OpenVino version on Windows 10 with Python 3.65 and it works just fine.





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