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OpenVINO for ARMv7 but not ARM64-v8 (aarch64) !


Dear All,

  OpenVINO (even latest 2019.1) comes compiled only for armv7l which is very disappointing. Would it be possible to have it for arm64-v8 aka aarch64 too ?

Some reasons:

  1. There are lots of embedded boards (beyond clasic raspi) out there having mpcie also true usb3 (unlike raspi) but supports only aarch64 (kernel limitation). One great example is NanoPC-T4 but also some boards from FireFly. Having multib arch within aarm64 is not a good solution 32bit and 64bit does _not_ mix well, every thing has to be doubled at all.

 2. Also having chroot and other solutions are bad idea too. Deploying a optimized pure top level C++ lib on aarch64 having armv7l backend is not possible (  VPU backend comes only on 32bit).

 3.  So, would be nice to have aarch64 support too, at least for the closed-source backend if not the whole package.

 4. Even nicer would be to have libmyriadPlugin VPU backend in DLDT upstream open sourced, that would solve all issues like this one and one can port the stick even beyond on any architecture, think here of andorid and so on. See


I bought this stick 5 month ago, no real use so far as true USB3-"Edge" device on embedded target, due to lack of proper support.


Q1 (a): Where can such "bugs" or perhaps "feature requests" be filled ?

Q1 (b): Can someone put light on this issue and Intel's real intentions ?



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I second this

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i have also got some problems about opencv when porting openvino on aarch64. it reported "cannot find".

i downloaded the opencv source code from official website, but i couldnot find any pvl releated source file in this package. so after cross compile opencv, replace openvino opencv lib with the cross compiled opencv 64bit lib, the error mentioned above appeared.

so, i wonder if it's a special opencv version for intel openvino toolkit? and how can solve this problem? tks

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I have build an OpenVINO lib v2019R3 for aarch64,

but I found it does not support multi-device.

when I am try to run sample/benchmark_app with args "-d MULTI:MYRIAD.1.1-ma2480,MYRIAD.1.2-ma2480",

it complain: 

[Step 7/11] Loading the model to the device

[ ERROR ] Device with "MULTI" name is not registered in the InferenceEngine

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